I’ve always been quite vocal with my opinions on the Google Plus platform. Not to be too crass, I always thought it was kind of crap. I hated having to use it in my role as a social media marketer and I was pretty glad when I eventually got to see the back of it. However, when a well-renowned digital marketing expert is so proactive in endorsing the platform…… You should probably sit up and listen! With this in mind, I decided to take the plunge and investigate what Google Plus has to offer in greater depth.

Everybody is, of course, well versed in the standard pros of using Google Plus for boosting the online visibility of either a company or professional profile. Google owns Google Plus. Google preeeetty much also owns how you find anything on the internet. Having your website linked to a prevalent Google Plus account should therefore go some way to optimising the performance of your site on Google. Or so they say.

With a low key online presence, this doesn’t really bother me. However, having engaged with Google Plus through work, it’s safe to say that I was pretty unimpressed. I found it (and to some extent still consider this to be a bit of an issue) to have an unnecessarily convoluted user interface and selecting whether you consider someone to be a friend or merely an acquaintance is, quite frankly, odd. Is Jim my bud, or isn’t he? Does Jim think we’re buds? What if Jim considers our relationship differently to how I perceive it? What if Jim and I become better acquainted in the near future? When does this transition happen? It’s a concept that I find to be completely unnecessary. The acronym ‘KISS’ comes to mind. Keep it simple, stupid!

However, spending some time getting to know Google Plus a little better has gone a long way to changing my perception of it. I’ll stand by my initial thoughts on its shortcomings, but I must admit that I’ve been completely blown away by the high quality content being served up from people sharing the same interests (especially from a professional capacity). The ease of access to some really high quality content that the Community aspect of Google Plus provides is honestly staggering. The format easily outstrips other networks when it comes to the accessibility of common interest, a huge ‘plus’ in my mind.

With cap in hand, I’ll have to admit that my perception of the site has been blown out of the water. I will stubbornly uphold my complaints regarding the platform’s user experience, which I do sincerely believe to have influenced its inability to win favour with the public at large, I’ll openly admit that I am now a convert to the benefits of what it has to offer!

Google Plus might not be the perfect package, but this little niche has gone a really long way in endearing me to what I’d previously perceived as an unwanted appendage to the likes of Gmail and YouTube.


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