Having just recently returned from a truly awe inspiring visit to the United Arab Emirates, I felt I would take this opportunity to share a few words on what was quite truthfully the holiday of a lifetime and a whirlwind cultural experience of such magnitude that I barely had opportunity to catch a tan, in spite of the stunning 30 degrees weather.

My six day visit to the UAE included the opportunity to visit truly iconic locations within Dubai including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and visits to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Yas Marina Race Circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Shots from the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Alongside visiting some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, I also utilised the downtime to further my knowledge on the topics of Search Engine Optimisation.

I have read many articles on the topic and also attended a seminar, however, I feel that I now have a greater understanding of why SEO is something to embrace, rather than fear.

Having read Jack Davies’s book SEO Made Super Simple I have discovered greater confidence in my belief that my role as a content writer is a critical tool for optimising a website’s performance within search engine rankings.

His no-nonsense style, ease of explanation and vast experience in digital marketing has inspired me to purchase his book regarding WordPress – something I have reasonable experience of using but would also love to learn more about.

Views of the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab and a shot of Dubai from the Jumeirah itself

From my reading, here are a few key aspects to optimising performance include:

  • A user-friendly website with fast loading times
  • A mobile friendly website
  • Accessible URLs
  • Quality content that adds value to the user
  • Achieving a low bounce rate
  • Back-links pertaining to authoritative links
  • Content length and diversity

I would by no means define myself as an expert on the topic, but my understanding of the subject area is forever growing as I continue to get to grips with the concepts.

I have learnt a lot on the tools that can be utilised to ensure you deliver targeted writing  that is friendly to both the algorithms of search engines and the user and have also taken courage from the fact that there is a direct causal link between high quality content that provides exceptional value to the reader and improved online visibility for your publication or business.

The extended research into SEO has also laid credence to Contently’s ascertains that traditional methods of measuring the success of content is ultimately outdated.

The experience will stay with me for a lifetime and has been a real inspiration in many ways.

Images both of and from the Burj Khalifa

I have booked further annual leave for the end of the month. Alongside the obligatory down time, I hope to utilise this to learn more on WordPress, the value of being a market influencer on brand trustability and to pass the Google Adwords Certificate.

I also hope to write a piece on what I have learnt from operating a fan website on Tottenham Hotspur Football Club!

Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, a shot of the Dubai town centre alongside my friend Huw, a clip of the Dubai Creek and the Burj Al Arab from a lift


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