Written content is an intrinsic part of the modern day marketing process, enabling businesses to build relationships with customers and core stakeholder groups. A strong content strategy should be at the heart of any business’s marketing plan, enabling you to define who you are and what your company aspires to deliver.

In a world where social networking and social sharing has changed the way in which customers interact with companies, a content program enables you to convey your message whilst tackling the issue of filling your social streams and building your brand’s online visibility.

How content builds your brand visibility

Social media has changed the way in which we interact with brands. Marketing is no longer a one directional flow of static information from businesses to the consumer but an interactive process in which information flows both ways.

These days, people expect a business to add value and interest to their lives. Failure to deliver on this could mean you’re missing out on vital opportunities to connect with your customers, generate leads and maximise sale opportunities.

The regular production of content can also drive the performance of your website in search engine results and could deliver a significant online competitive advantage over others in your industry.

The biggest fallacy that businesses tell themselves is that what they do isn’t interesting enough to bother with a content strategy. The truth is, everyone has a story to tell, thoughts to share or knowledge to impart.